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 (Starred topics are some of my most favored demonstrations and workshops)


Tips and Techniques for using a Detail Gouge
Bead and Cove Stick
*Exploring the Gouge Both Spindle and Bowl (This is a new Demonstration first demonstrated at the Tri Cities Woodturner Chapter in Jonesboro, TN previously taught as an all day workshop)
Tool Techniques for Bowl Turning
Bowl Turning Fundamentals

*Thread Chasing by Hand
Hollow Forms

Project based:
Turning a Mushroom
Seam Ripper Handles
Cutlery Handles
Toy Soldier Ornament or simple spindle ornaments (angle, Bell)
*Ornament with Globe and Icicle (I am known for my delicate icicles and elegant Hollow Globe Ornaments with delicate icicles /pendents)
Miniature Stool (7”-8” high stool with 8” plus or minus seat suitable for teddy bear *Full Size Three Legged Stool with Cross Braces (NOTE: This class takes 2 1/2 days)
*Ikebana Flower Vase a Study in Shape and Form (I usually demonstrate a square Ikebana)
Lidded Boxes
Laminated Candle Stick
*Laminated Lamp with Base
Make Your Own Point Tool, Skew or Skewgeegouge
Turning a Sphere
Turning Thin Long Stemmed Flowers or Goblets
The Ultimate Lazy Susan
Sharpening Tips and Techniques
*Fly house Ornament with Emphasis on Tool Skills for 5 Basic Tools
*Turning Platters
Turning Clocks

​I have also developed a three hour sharpening class or 1 hour demonstration on sharpening for woodturners. The sharpening class consists of approximately one hour of discussion followed by the hands on sharpening; of the students own tools, by the student. I generally try to provide one grinder set up for every two students and have limited the class to six students. 

Exploring the Spindle Gouge is designed for a 3 hour or all day class and is not suitable for a demonstration as most of the information can be provided in a project oriented demonstration.

Demonstrations: Bio
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