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  • Woodturning Tools, Techniques and Projects by Alan Leland & Frank Penta (this is a ring bound Lab manual)

  • AAW Journal, Fall 2000, Laminated Candlesticks

  • Woodshop News, 2008, What It Takes to be a Teacher 

  • “Let’s Go For A Spin” Available on The American Association of Woodturners web site in the resource section This is Alan’s Lab manual that he developed for his classes at The John C. Campbell Folk school. For the most recent updated version buy direct from Alan Leland. Many new photos and several new handouts plus I have rewritten many of the handouts.

Self Published

The following manuals were developed for the classes that I teach    

  • Let’s Go For A Spin (Woodturning Fundamentals) by Alan Leland five day curriculum

  • Discovering & Exploring the Wonders of Shape Form & Embellishments by Alan Leland (this is a five day curriculum)

  • Alan Leland’s Tips & Thoughts on Teaching Woodturning

  • Alan’s Tips for Teaching Young Turners

Published Work: About
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